Shivapura Hanging Bridge near Yellapur

Shivapura Hanging Bridge

Shivapura Hanging Bridge is one of the beautiful tourist attractions in yellapur taluk. This bridge is at the distance of 20km from yellapur and is just 5km before the famous "satoddi waterfalls".

 This bridge was built to connect yellapur and Joida taluk via shivapura village and also a famous temple in Ulavi (Shree Chenna basaveshwara Temple). Otherwise one should has to travel nearly 96km to reach Ulavi.

This bridge is built over the back water of Kali river dam. This is very calm place for visitors. Some times you can watch wild animals in this place if you are lucky. In rainy season this places becomes very beautifull.

This Shivapura Hanging Bridge is about 300m long and 1.5 metre wide. U can see the instruction board containing the detailed information of this bridge on both sides.

Only a bike can go on this river at a time. Before the construction of this bridge people used to cross the water by small boats.

U can hear sounds of different birds. In this back water you can see different kinds of fishes.

Very less tourists know about this place. If u visit satoddi falls then do visit this place also.

If u want to watch the video of this beautifull place then please visit our YouTube channel "high level computing"

There is one more beautiful waterfalls in uttarakannada district. It is near sirsi. If u want to know more deatails about unchalli falls. Then click on the link bellow.

Unchalli Falls
U can find videos of various tourist spots near this place.
Other tourist places around shivapura Hanging Bridge are,
1. Satoddi falls
2. kumbral Omkar falls
3. Jenukallu gudda
4. magod falls
5. shirle falls
6. kavadi kere
7. Kodsalli dam
8. Ulavi temple
9. Kavala caves
10. Shivaganga falls
11. Muregar falls
12. Ganesh Paal
13. Sahasralinga
14. Yana
15. Vibhooti falls
16. Sirsi marikamba temple
17. Mundgod tibbet colony
18. Gotgodi Rock garden
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