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Natural Stone Bridge

Natural Stone Bridge (kallu sanka) If you want to see the strangest natural bridges on Earth then u should visit this place.  Here you will find a bridge completely made up of a single stone. You can find only 4 natural stone bridges on Earth.  This natural Stone Bridge is situated over a small stream of water.  This Bridge is strong enough to pass a bike at a time. Daily many people and animals are  using this bridge to go from one side to another.  On the other side of this bridge there is a small temple. This Bridge is used by local people to go to that temple. This Bridge is located beside the Sagara jogfalls road in musavalli village. This Bridge is called "kallu sanka" in kannada.("kallu" means stone and "sanka" means bridge). If u are traveling from Sagar to jogfalls visit this rare bridge on the way. Location Natural Stone Bridge Musavalli village Po: Adukatta Tq: Siddapur Dst: Uttara Kannada State: Kar