Mukti Falls

Mukti Falls is very beautiful waterfalls in the dense forest. This falls is situated at a distance of 36 km from siddapur city. This is near the village kodigadde.

It is not easy to go to this falls as other ones, Because to reach this water falls one should travel in the dense and steep forest up to 4 km.

There are chances to miss the road in each and every turn. Without local people guidance one cannot reach this falls. Take sufficient food with you as u cannot find any hotels or shops near this waterfalls.

 The road to this falls is very tough, one has to get down upto 2 km in forest by holding some small plants and roots for grip.while travelling be aware of snakes and wild animals. After getting down to river again has to travel in the upward direction in the banks of river to reach the falls. Meanwhile you can find small streams of water jumping from stone edges which form mini waterfalls. In some places we have to jump from stone to stone. But your journey would be memorable one.
Don't get down to water in the falls and keep this place clean.

There is one more beautiful waterfalls in uttarakannada district. It is near sirsi. If u want to know more deatails about unchalli falls. Then click on the link bellow.

Unchalli Falls 


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