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Giligundi Caves

Giligundi is a less known devotional place in Sirsi. It is the birth place of manjaguni "Shri venkataramana Swamy".  The place is famous for its natural beauty and cool environment. One small and clean river flows in this village.  On the bank of this small river there is a origin place of Shri venkatramana swamy.  This place is famous for its cave.  Yes there is one beautiful cave on the bank of this river in giligundi, people can go inside this cave easily. This cave is big enough to stand 8-10 members inside.  To enter this cave one should have equipped with good lighting system. One can feel very cold inside the cave after entering in it.  There are some other caves inside this cave which leads you to some other places around this village.  Bats live here. But you should be care full while entering this cave as there are some chances of finding some wild animals or snakes inside this cave.  This cave will be cleaned by local people prior 3-4 days to M