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Kavala Caves

Kavala Caves This is a famous devotional tourist place is in Dandeli forest. This cave is dedicated to the God Siddeshwara. This cave is in the dense forest of Dandeli wildlife sanctuary it comes in Joida taluk. The strange thing related to this temple is, it remains closed whole year accept Maha Shivaratri. Fair will be held every year on the occasion of Shivaratri (only one day). On the other days no one can come here because one has to take permission from forest department to enter to the forest as it is inside the tiger reserve forest. Lakhs of people come here every year from Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra on Maha shivaratri. To go inside the cave one has to stand in a que upto 3-4 hours. And one should walk in a steep way. This nature made kavala cave is very beautiful. There is a separate entrance and exit to this cave. Only one person can walk at once. After entering this cave nearly 40 feets we can find a 5ft height shivalinga fully made-up of stone