Muregar Falls

Muregar Falls Muregar falls is one of the beautifull waterfalls in Sirsi taluk, uttarakannada (Karnataka) This water falls is situated at a distance 21 km from Sirsi via sirsi-hulekal raod. This falls originates from a small stream call "muregar halla" a sub river of "Shalmala river".  Here u can find carvings and sculptures of "shilvalingas", "Shanmukha", "Nandi" and other gods. U can take vehicle up to the waterfalls. If you are going to visit "Shivaganga falls" then do visit this falls, bcz this falls is very near to the road to "Shivaganga falls". How to reach Muregar falls After starting journey from Sirsi in hulekal road after 10 km you will get "salkani cross" (kengre hole). Take left from there to salkani. Travel upto 7km to reach "muregar cross". Then take right diversion. You will find "Duggumane bus stop" after 1.5 km. Then travel

Husur Dam and Nipli water falls

Husur Dam Husur Dam is situated at a distance of 1 km inside the village of halgeri on the way to jogfalls from siddapur. If you are travelling from Sagar to jogfalls then you have take the road from adukatta to halgeri. The motive to construct this dam is to fulfill the agriculture needs of surrounding villages. Access water flowing. This dam is spread over more than 100 of acres. This is calm and beautifull place to visit. Nipli Water Falls Husur Dam back water creates a small but beautifull waterfalls called Nipli Water Falls or Husur waterfalls. Lot of visitors come here every year. One can walk, Play and bath in this waterfalls without any fear.  U can see this waterfalls only in rainy seasons. Those who know this place they come every year and enjoy the beauty of this place.  There is one more beautiful waterfalls in uttarakannada district. It is near sirsi. If u want to know more deatails about unchalli falls. Then click o

Shivapura Hanging Bridge near Yellapur

Shivapura Hanging Bridge Shivapura Hanging Bridge is one of the beautiful tourist attractions in yellapur taluk. This bridge is at the distance of 20km from yellapur and is just 5km before the famous "satoddi waterfalls".  This bridge was built to connect yellapur and Joida taluk via shivapura village and also a famous temple in Ulavi (Shree Chenna basaveshwara Temple). Otherwise one should has to travel nearly 96km to reach Ulavi. This bridge is built over the back water of Kali river dam. This is very calm place for visitors. Some times you can watch wild animals in this place if you are lucky. In rainy season this places becomes very beautifull. This Shivapura Hanging Bridge is about 300m long and 1.5 metre wide. U can see the instruction board containing the detailed information of this bridge on both sides. Only a bike can go on this river at a time. Before the construction of this bridge people used to cross the water by small boats.