Kavala Caves

Kavala Caves This is a famous devotional tourist place is in Dandeli forest. This cave is dedicated to the God Siddeshwara. This cave is in the dense forest of Dandeli wildlife sanctuary it comes in Joida taluk.

The strange thing related to this temple is, it remains closed whole year accept Maha Shivaratri. Fair will be held every year on the occasion of Shivaratri (only one day). On the other days no one can come here because one has to take permission from forest department to enter to the forest as it is inside the tiger reserve forest.

Lakhs of people come here every year from Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra on Maha shivaratri. To go inside the cave one has to stand in a que upto 3-4 hours. And one should walk in a steep way.

This nature made kavala cave is very beautiful. There is a separate entrance and exit to this cave. Only one person can walk at once. After entering this cave nearly 40 feets we can find a 5ft height shivalinga fully made-up of stone. This shivalinga is call…

Mukti Falls

Mukti Falls is very beautiful waterfalls in the dense forest. This falls is situated at a distance of 36 km from siddapur city. This is near the village kodigadde.

It is not easy to go to this falls as other ones, Because to reach this water falls one should travel in the dense and steep forest up to 4 km.

There are chances to miss the road in each and every turn. Without local people guidance one cannot reach this falls. Take sufficient food with you as u cannot find any hotels or shops near this waterfalls.

 The road to this falls is very tough, one has to get down upto 2 km in forest by holding some small plants and roots for grip.while travelling be aware of snakes and wild animals. After getting down to river again has to travel in the upward direction in the banks of river to reach the falls. Meanwhile you can find small streams of water jumping from stone edges which form mini waterfalls. In some places we have to jump from stone to stone. But your journey would be memorable o…


Bilgi is a famous place to visit in uttarakannada. It is situated at a distance of 14 km from siddapur. It is a historical place. Jain kings ruled this place from 1400 A.C to 1736 A.C.

They Built 'Basadis' around this place. Parshwanatha, Mahadev, Virupaksha, Hanumantha Temples are the Evidences of Hoysala Architecture.

 The gol bhavi (round well) is one of the attractive places here. Gol bhavi is a Underground home like structure which has a well in the middle and which has amazing structure inside. One has to get down to this well by Underground route with good lighting facility.

 While going underneath one has to be very careful. U can find snakes regularly here. Bats live Inside this monument. This Underground place has 3 caves heading towards different locations around bilgi. Unfortunetly govt has closed these caves.
 Bilagi is called Shwethapura in Sanskrit records, Situated on the Banks of Soma Nadi (river). The Visiting time is Suitable from August to May.

There is one more…

Giligundi Caves

Giligundi is a less known devotional place in Sirsi. It is the birth place of manjaguni "Shri venkataramana Swamy".

 The place is famous for its natural beauty and cool environment. One small and clean river flows in this village.

 On the bank of this small river there is a origin place of Shri venkatramana swamy.
 This place is famous for its cave.

 Yes there is one beautiful cave on the bank of this river in giligundi, people can go inside this cave easily. This cave is big enough to stand 8-10 members inside.

 To enter this cave one should have equipped with good lighting system. One can feel very cold inside the cave after entering in it.
 There are some other caves inside this cave which leads you to some other places around this village.
 Bats live here. But you should be care full while entering this cave as there are some chances of finding some wild animals or snakes inside this cave.
 This cave will be cleaned by local people prior 3-4 days to Mahashivratri.

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Nidgod Falls

Nidgod Falls Nidgod falls is a beautiful water falls on the way from sirsi to siddapur. This waterfalls is originated from mining.
 Greenery in this falls give u mind blowing look to this falls. This water falls is between two villages "Nidgod and "16th mile stone" on Sirsi siddapur road.
This falls is situated at only 100 metres of distance from main road. You can see this water falls in rainy seasons only.
 But you can't swim in this water as grass is covering all the water surface.

There is one more beautiful waterfalls in uttarakannada district. It is near sirsi. If u want to know more deatails about unchalli falls. Then click on the link bellow.

Unchalli Falls 

Natural Stone Bridge

Natural Stone Bridge (kallu sanka) If you want to see the strangest natural bridges on Earth then u should visit this place.
 Here you will find a bridge completely made up of a single stone. You can find only 4 natural stone bridges on Earth.
 This natural Stone Bridge is situated over a small stream of water.
 This Bridge is strong enough to pass a bike at a time. Daily many people and animals are  using this bridge to go from one side to another.  On the other side of this bridge there is a small temple. This Bridge is used by local people to go to that temple.
This Bridge is located beside the Sagara jogfalls road in musavalli village. This Bridge is called "kallu sanka" in kannada.("kallu" means stone and "sanka" means bridge). If u are traveling from Sagar to jogfalls visit this rare bridge on the way.
Location Natural Stone Bridge Musavalli village Po: Adukatta Tq: Siddapur Dst: Uttara Kannada State: Karnataka (India)
If u want to visit this locat…